Adoption and Michigan Families

Adoption and Michigan Fam…

One of the most rewarding areas of family law practice is helping Michigan families to grow through adoption. Sometimes adoption involves formalizing an existing relationship, such as the relatively common situation in which a step-parent adopts a stepchild, making them legally parent and child. Other times, adoption means prospective parents are matched with a child with whom they have no previous relationship, such as an agency or direct placement adoption.

Any adoption involves the creation of a new legal relationship, and the creation of new rights and obligations. It also necessarily involves the termination of the rights of one or both birth parents. Michigan laws are complex, because they aim to protect the interests of all parties to an adoption. If you are contemplating adopting a child in Michigan or are considering surrendering a child for adoption, you need the guidance of an experienced Michigan family law attorney.

Legal Guidance for Michigan Adoptions

Whether you are a birth parent or a prospective adoptive parent, attorney Carol Jones Dwyer offers the guidance and support you need to make it navigate the process with a minimum of stress. Carol has over twenty years of experience in Michigan adoptions.

The adoption process is exciting for prospective parents, but can also have its share of frustrations, unexpected delays, and bureaucratic missteps. For instance, adoption by a step-parent cannot be approved unless the biological parent whose rights would be terminated by the adoption either cooperates, or has both failed to have contact and failed contribute to the child's support for a specified period. Carol Jones Dwyer understands the roller-coaster of emotions associated with adoption, and offers clients the support they need. Because she also knows the fine points of Michigan adoption law, Carol is able to keep them informed, respond to their questions and help them avoid unnecessary delays and frustration.

Consult an Experienced Michigan Adoption Attorney

If you are thinking about surrendering a Michigan child for adoption, adopting a child in Michigan, or are a Michigan resident contemplating adopting a child from outside Michigan, consult with an attorney who is experienced enough to offer the advice you need and responsive enough to be accessible when you need it. Carol Jones Dwyer works with clients in Barry County, and the surrounding Michigan counties, including Calhoun, Kent, Allegan, Kalamazoo, Ingham and Ionia Counties.

If you would like to learn more about how Carol Jones Dwyer can help with your Michigan adoption matter, please contact our office at 269-945-5050 or via our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.